Who are we?

During our development we have been growing and adapting to the technologies and changes of the times in which we live.

This factor allowed us to develop and improve our working skills.

We are ready to write history with you!

In 1990 we started our history

In 1990 Machado e Silveira Lda. opened its doors for the first time just as a metalworking company. Today we have two pavilions and more than 150 employees.We work every day to achieve new goals and to grow.

Thanks to our adaptation, we have been able to extend the services we provide, from technical coatings, mechanics and servo repair, to shop floor design and engineering.

We establish a close relationship with our clients through partnerships aimed at mutual growth.

We innovate in our sector, through the pro-activity we put into the projects we launch and the new challenges we constantly seek.

Machado & Silveira Lda. dominates the most varied valences in the metalomechanic area: glass, ceramic, chemical, spatial, cellulose, automobile, energetic, among many others.

We also have the possibility to develop reengineering projects, relying for that, on know-how and a diversified park of machines.

We are a Certified Company

In May 2017, Machado & Silveira Lda. obtained the ISO 9001 - 2015 certification.

We have evolved over time in a sustained manner, and have been adapting to the needs demanded by the market.