In close collaboration with its partners and clients, Machado & Silveira Lda develops tailor-made projects, which may include the re-engineering of elements if the client so wishes.

Spray Bridge


The Spray Bridge makes the sprays travel below the frame, preventing the coating product from entering the interior of the bottles or jars.


A clear advantage of the Spray Bridge is the drastic reduction of the coating inside the bottle or flask. It also works with and accepts any geometry and size of workpiece. The colour of the glass is indifferent and maps and understands any route.




Further allows an evaluation of parts and variables, taking this as a route to significant improvement in optimising manufacturing process control, resources and cost reduction.


The technology incorporated in the equipment will gather measurements of the critical points of the part. The measuring sensor, with centesimal precision, has a mechanical arm that collects and compiles all the measuring data. The equipment program is defined by technical means and tolerance criteria that allow a qualitative result (OK or NOK) for the part condition.



The Depalletiser comes to satisfy the need that glass container factories have to replace bottles, already produced on the sorting line when they leave the vaults.


The Depalletiser can be applied in-line or stand-alone, in a 2nd choice situation . It does not touch the area for contact with liquid and does not use pressors, which allows for low maintenance in the future . In addition, the Depalletizeris adaptable to any bottle and has a cadence suitable for the line.