Our Quality Policy

Machado & Silveira, Lda. seeks continuous improvement of its Quality Management System and, consequently, of the performance of the business it manages and executes within the scope of the Development, Manufacture and Repair of Equipment and Solutions for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Devices for the Chemical, Aeronautical, Glass, Cellulose and Ceramic Industries, as well as the Development and Application of Solutions for Polymeric Coatings.

Identifying and complying with the legal requirements applicable to it, as well as the requirements of all stakeholders interested in its success and those established in the referential of NP EN ISO 9001:2015 certification, Machado & Silveira, Lda. aims, among other relevant factors:

  • To guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty by gaining their trust;
  • To promote discipline and motivation among all its employees, encouraging professional training (including on-the-job training) and high technical competence;
  • Optimise materials and cross knowledge with different areas in order to offer a high number of solutions to the market;
  • Promote and strengthen partnerships;
  • Promote the direct involvement of customers in the design, development and production process.

This Policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the Machado & Silveira Group and is an important element supporting the strategic orientation defined by the Management, who fully endorse it.

Casal Pardo, 21 May 2019